About us
    Business Application Software

    Multibizlink was set up in 2006 by its sole owner Raja Idris
    Kamarudin, to design and develop low-cost, easy-to-use, Microsoft
    Excel-based business application software for small to medium
    sized enterprises (SME), in an effort to assist SMEs to manage their
    bookkeeping and accounting tasks by themselves, without having
    any prior bookkeeping or accounting knowledge or experience.

    Since then, six applications have been developed and been made
    available for sale online, namely:

  •      General Ledger
  •        Accounts Receivable Ledger
  •        Accounts Payable Ledger
  •        Inventory/Stock Control Ledger
  •        Cash and Bank Book Ledger
  •        Cheque Book (Bank Account) and Credit Card Manager

    Online Business Community Social Networking

    Recently, in 2012, we also made available, Worldwide Biz Link,
    an Online Business Community Social Networking website for
    SMEs, to enable them to connect with other SMEs throughout the
    world and to share their experiences and to also advertise and sell
    their products and services online through the Online Storefront
    and Payment Collection System.

    Business Improvement and Management Books

    Even more recently, in 2014, through our associate company,
    Phoenix Lifestyle Coach Limited, also owned by Raja Idris
    Kamarudin, we wrote and published a book on Structured Goal
    Setting to assist companies of all sizes to learn and understand the
    concepts, processes and procedures in goal setting.

    Business Improvement Coaching and Training

    Also in 2014, we started offering business improvement coaching
    and training to enable companies of all sizes to benefit from a
    structured approach to planning and business improvement.