System and set-up

  • it is ideal for small to medium sized businesses, which has 50 or
    less creditors
  • standardised parameter driven application
  • it will keep track of your creditor's transaction
  • it will balance your Creditors Ledgers and produce a Report
  • the creditors' balances can be transferred to our General Ledger
    System to prepare your business's Final Accounts
  • you can indicate the currency to use during setup
We accept most major credit cards through PayPal
£ 34.99
This is an Accounts Payable Ledger written on Microsoft Excel
Accounts Payable (Creditors) Ledger
Multibizlink Business Application Software
    to set up your Payables Account for up to 50 creditors,
    (chargeable upgrades to 100’s, if needed)

    (for data entry)