Ezrin graduated from Coventry
University in BA (Hons) Transport &
Product Design and in MA
Automotive Journalism (Specialist).
He began his career as a Customer Service advisor but soon climbed
the management ladder in Customer Service.

Upon realising that helping others is his passion, Ezrin decided to
embrace his passion and continued his education and training in Life &
Personal Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and finally in
Body Language.

He is today an ITOL Certified Life & Personal Coach and an NLP
Practitioner. He is a Member of ITOL (Institute of Training &
Occupational Learning) and carries the letters MITOL after his name.

Past Experiences

  • Ezrin has a strong foundation in Customer Service and Training
  • He has had a direct role in planning, designing and delivering
    competency based training programmes and administer for a
    large organisation in Malaysia (SigTECH Malaysia), who conduct
    skills development trainings for the Malaysian Government and
    Public Limited Companies in Malaysia.

Present Specialisation

  • Ezrin develops and conducts training programmes in the area of
    Personal Development, Self-Motivation, Customer Service,
    Communication and also NLP. All these programmes includes
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), practical tools, and are all
    interactive and promotes a fun way of learning.

  • YB 12 Master Coach, Business & Personal Coach, Neuro-
    Linguistic Programming (NLP), Body Language, Management
    Development Programme

  • As a Master Coach for YB 12 (Your Best 12). Ezrin's role with YB
    12 is to grow and develop the UK Midlands and regional coaching
    teams and market footprint through recruiting, developing and
    supporting YB 12 life/corporate coaches. YB 12 stands for Your
    Best 12 (Months). It is a comprehensive life skills program
    designed to help people and organisations have their Best Year.
    It is fast becoming the program of choice for individuals and
    businesses for its practical application to change and empower
    individuals to goal set / strategically plan effectively while
    navigating the change process.  What sets YB 12 apart is that
    the sound high caliber coaching program has been put together
    by psychologists to truly deal with change and decision making.
    Just hearing an overview of our material has people reporting a
    significant shift in thinking, action and results.   The most
    significant outcome YB 12 has achieved is a dramatic 200%
    increase in business for Macquarie Bank Mortgages. This
    amounted to a documented one billion AUS dollar increase in
    business in the year immediately following the engagement of the
    program.  YB12 is beneficial for individuals, groups and

  • Ezrin is also a Corporate Coach looking after HR Owen's
    Maserati and Roll Royce cars as well as Jack Barclay's Bentley
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